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2022 Workplace Learning Report

by LinkedIn Learning; 2022.

The Great Reshuffle is redefining work and skills.

If you’re reading this, you’ve most likely already spent time with the report’s web experience, and now you’re curious to absorb even more data and insights. This version contains all the web headlines, plus a host of extras called out in bold.

In the sixth year of the Workplace Learning Report, change is the only constant. LinkedIn calls these times the “Great Reshuffle” — a period unlike anything in the history of work. Living and working through the pandemic and economic and social tumult has prompted individuals to prioritize flexibility and fulfillment. Organizations are reexamining business strategies, workforce models, values, and culture — often steered by new demands from employees themselves.

Amid this era of massive transformation, learning and development (L&D) has a new mandate to become its best self. L&D leaders are answering employees’ renewed calls for growth and purpose, and they’re grappling with the urgent challenge of future-proofing their organizations.

The transformation of L&D means learning leaders are knocking down traditional silos to collaborate on a more holistic vision for HR. They’re reaching for fresh solutions to tie skill building to career paths, internal mobility, and retention, while also bringing a new sense of care and humanity to employee well-being, diversity, and inclusion. Keeping pace with this rate of change is an enormous challenge.

This report is here to help. Success is built one step at a time, by capitalizing on industry data, tapping the support and wisdom of colleagues, gleaning advice from top thinkers, and — above all — championing a worldchanging notion: Learning is the foundation of any great endeavor. Organizations that prize constant learning will lead the world as they build the new normal.


For full article and report, click here.

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