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Are you ready to ADAPT and REINVENT YOURSELF for the most disrupted and digital workforce in history? It is estimated over 1 billion people will need to upskill by 2030, and more than 300 million jobs will be impacted by AI  — work, identity, and what it means to be human are rapidly changing. Join hosts Nate Thompson and Alex Schwartz and the TOP VOICES in the Future of Work to uncover how to meet this dynamic new reality driven by AI, hybrid work, societal shifts, and our increasingly digital world. Discover why a Future of Work Mindset is your key to prepare, navigate and thrive! We are grateful you are here, and welcome to the TDW Tribe!


Why Patrick Lencioni Believes Human Interaction in the Office is Still Crucial in 2024 & Beyond

Has your team lost its spark working remotely? As our modern workforce becomes increasingly reliant on remote setups, we’re also witnessing the pitfalls of reducing human interaction and its impact on organizational health.


The human touch is vital for fueling creativity and collaboration, and to champion office presence along with a better comprehension of individual strengths is our distinguished guest — Patrick Lencioni.

Patrick is one of the founders of The Table Group and a best-selling author of 13 books, including the latest, “The 6 Types of Working Genius.” His books have been translated into 30 languages, with over 8 million copies sold worldwide, and he’s one of the most in-demand speakers in America. With nearly 200,000 LinkedIn followers and three successful podcasts, Patrick is here to share his unparalleled expertise in leadership, teamwork, and organizational health.


In this episode, Patrick exposes the critical need for physical presence in the workplace, making the case that remote work, while effective in many ways, can't replace the value of human connection. He also introduces his groundbreaking “6 Types of Working Genius” framework, which helps leaders and professionals identify their innate strengths and weaknesses, leading to greater work satisfaction and productivity.


From the origins of the Working Genius assessment to how we can leverage our individual talents to prevent burnout, this episode is a must-listen for leaders seeking to optimize their workplace performance. We also touch on the role of AI in the workplace, organizational health, the importance of informal interactions, and real-life examples of the Working Genius at play.


Tune in to learn how to help your organization and team members thrive in today's disrupted workforce.

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Patrick Lencioni
Patrick Lencioni.png

Has your team lost its spark working remotely? As our modern workforce becomes increasingly reliant on remote setups, we’re also witnessing the pitfalls of reducing human interaction and its impact on organizational health.


The human touch is vital for fueling creativity and collaboration, and to champion office presence along with a better comprehension of individual strengths is our distinguished guest — Patrick Lencioni.

Patrick is one of the founders of The Table Group and...

Why Patrick Lencioni Believes Human Interaction In The Office Is Still Crucial In 2024 & Beyond

She’s the founder and CEO of Meeteor, a coaching and training company that focuses on creating healthy, high-performing teams with a special emphasis on productive meetings, as well as the author of “Momentum: Creating Effective, Engaging and Enjoyable Meetings.” Mamie also hosts the Modern Manager Podcast, where she delivers practical advice to help people tap into their managerial greatness.


In this episode, Mamie shares how managers, despite being the unsung heroes of the...

Management Secrets, Effective Meetings & AI for a Hybrid Workforce

Unpacking the ethics and path to a safer, more responsible, and representative AI future is Phaedra Boinodiris, IBM Consulting’s Global Leader for Trustworthy AI. Phaedra is a top voice, author, speaker, and one of the earliest leaders responsible for reimagining AI initiatives. Her recent book, “AI for the Rest of Us,” and her role as co-founder of the Future World Alliance highlight her commitment to integrating ethics into AI education and development.


She’s here to discuss the need for inclusive...

AI Biases EXPLAINED: When Can We Trust AI?

Could the ever-evolving advancements in AI help companies create a better working world for humanity? Or will it drag us into a dystopian future that eliminates all privacy?


On this episode of The Disrupted Workforce, we’re uncovering how the balance between technology and an understanding of human biology can maximize productivity, enhance human capabilities, and improve overall health in the workplace.


We’re speaking to Claire Haidar, the co-founder of WNDYR and Pattyrn, two companies focused on shaping the world of work through AI-driven data analysis and a study of human capabilities.

The Future Of Work Is STILL Chaos: Will AI Help Or Disrupt Further>
TDW050 square.png

It’s no news that AI and the exponential rise in freelancing are reshaping the future of work, but besides transforming jobs, they’re also expanding the talent pool.


Today’s guest on The Disrupted Workforce is Gali Arnon, the Chief Business Officer of Fiverr, an online marketplace for freelance services with a mission to change how the world works together.


Gali served as Fiverr's CMO, where she steered the company through its IPO, and now ...

Fiverr Exec Shares How Freelancing Is The New Normal (And Why Your Company Should Care)
2023_TDW Speakers.png

Today, we’re diving into the mind of Richard Saul Wurman, an American architect, designer, and visionary creator behind the TED Conference. He is a prolific thinker and content creator, having written, designed, and published 90 books, among a plethora of other accomplishments. Considered the father of information architecture, he shares his unique approach to understanding complex subjects and why he believes in embracing our “stupidity” as a way to innovate and remain curious and open to new ideas. . .

A Chat With The TED Conference Creator: Curiosity, Understanding, & Information Anxiety
2023_TDW Speakers.png

In this two part, uplifting, insightful conversation with Noelle Russell (LinkedIn’s Top AI Voice, Microsoft’s 2X MVP in AI, Accenture’s Global AI Solutions Lead, and AI Leadership Institute founder) we focus on enhancing AI literacy and the power of community in exploring AI's potential. Our discussion addresses common fears and misconceptions about AI while showcasing the potential for positive impact through responsible AI development and the importance of diverse perspectives in mitigating biases noting that AI bias is human bias ...

Beyond AI Literacy: Empowering Generations For The Future of Work
2023_TDW Speakers (2).png

In this inspiring conversation, Stephanie Nadi Olson, founder of We Are Rosie, one of the fastest-growing companies in the US, shares her remarkable journey from refugee roots to revolutionizing the modern workforce. Her origin story profoundly shaped her business ethos and drive to create something extraordinary. We Are Rosie is a platform of 25,000+ talented marketers redefining how marketing works through diversity, flexibility, and inclusion. Join us to learn why the next huge wave of . . .  

Reinventing Work For The New American Dream: The Staphanie Nadi Olson Story
2023_TDW Speakers (1).png

What is a Modern People Leader, and what traits define them? There are 6! Join Daniel and Steven Huerta–the hosts of the fantastic Modern People Leader podcast–in an evolutionary discussion on HR Leadership in today's dynamic business landscape. After 155 episodes with HR leaders, they have distilled their research and insights for our show. We engage in a candid discussion on the following megatrends: The traits of a Modern People Leader, Generative AI in HR, does HR finally have a seat at the C-Suite table, the idea of running HR as a product team, and what HR will look like in 2030 . . .

6 Traits That Define A Modern Leader
2023_TDW Speakers.png

How has fatherhood changed in the last three years, and is it time for a new approach at work? In this reflective episode, Paul Sullivan, former New York Times columnist and founder of The Company of Dads, shares his insightful journey from the newsroom to reshaping the narrative and policies supporting fatherhood at work.  Paul defines 'Lead Dads' as fathers who take the forefront in prioritizing parenting and caregiving, challenging traditional gender roles and stereotypes. We also discuss why it makes a tremendous difference to...

4 Reasons Why Fatherhood At Work Has Changed
2023_1212 Trends Podbean.png

What happens when you mix Generative AI with Humanoid robots? Join Nate Thompson and Alex Schwartz for an eye-popping exploration of The Future of Work driven by AI-powered robotics. Regardless of how you feel about robots, this trend is inevitable, so understanding this bold new future is essential to your career and life on this planet - and it will give you goosebumps! Our up-to-the-minute research explores Amazon's global leadership in robot and employee collaboration, the staggering investments and projected growth . . .

AI Robots Run Wild!
2023_TDW Speakers.png

What is the science of human connection that defines the magnetism between us? Why do some people connect while others don’t? How can we become more resilient and embrace failure?  Join us in this enlightening episode of The Disrupted Workforce, where we delve into the fascinating world of resilience, failure, and human connection with our distinguished guest, Dr. Dani Dumitriu. A renowned pediatrician, neuroscientist, and pediatric environmental health scientist, Dr. Dumitriu . . .

The Science of Resilience, Failure, and Human Connection
DShapiro TDW.png
Validation: The Insight That Changed The Way I Listen And Design
"Everyone wants to be heard and validated." Welcome to the evolving world of designing workspace and the human experience with Doug Shapiro, Vice President of Research and Insights at OFS–an award-winning global leader providing socially responsible furniture. With over 15 years of experience in product and interior design, Doug brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective on creating people-centric ...
What if you could use movement to build resilience, bust limiting beliefs, and bring your authentic self to perform better at work? What if you could recharge your energy, heart, mind, and spirit at the same time? Welcome to The Class! “an expansive, heart-clearing, body-strengthening release” that Fast Company called “a workout for your feelings.” The Class has a massive following and streams in over 70 countries, with studios in New York and LA. Jaycee Gossett is a founding teacher and . . .
The Class At Work: Using Movement To Break Limitations For Career, Mind, & Body
podbean RS.png
Chief Joy Officer Rich Sheridan unveils a somber reality: many lead lives of quiet desperation AT WORK and go to their graves with a song still in their hearts. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We dive into Rich's powerful journey from despair to profound inspiration. Like many of us, he chased the wrong career success metrics; it wasn’t working, and he knew he had to change himself. Rich has deep empathy and wisdom for professionals, asking the same powe
Choose A Career Path That Brings You Joy
Why Hybrid Work Wins, Fridays Are Dead, & Mondays Are On Life Support
Nick Bloom is the leading expert on hybrid work, a LinkedIn Top Voice, and “the prophet of remote work,” according to Fortune. In this enthusiastic conversation, Nick delivers the data again and again: productivity, work-life balance, job satisfaction, inclusion, and happiness are the highest when we are when we are working 2-3 days per week from home. Did you know that when employees are
Berger Social Podbean.png
Questions Are Your Superpower In The AI Era
Discover the power of questions in the AI Era with Warren Berger, the renowned Questionologist! Warren's groundbreaking book, 'A More Beautiful Question,' explores the evolving landscape where expertise fades and questions rise as the ultimate currency. This episode examines the profound importance of questions for your career, work, and relationships. We discuss how questions shape our identities, enable . . .
Can I Bring My Authentic Self to The Office? Why Belonging Is The Future of Work
Can I bring my authentic self to work? How should we handle mental health at work? How do companies meet increasing expectations for greater connection and belonging at work? What’s clear is that an increasing number of employees are tired of “hiding in plain sight.” Andrea Herron intimately understands these workplace culture disruptions because she has lived and led through them simultaneously. In this revealing . . .

The Latest Podcast


2023_TDW Speakers (1).png
Does Anybody Want To Work Anymore? 85% Are Disengaged!
Does anybody want to work anymore? Globally, work-induced stress remains at an all-time high, employee disengagement hit a 9-year high, and some stats speculate only 15% of employees are engaged at work! Has our perspective and paradigm around engagement, effort, and purpose at work fundamentally changed? Or are we just lazier now? In this supercharged episode, we debate this topic with the three fascinating women from the Everything and JACK podcast, bringing . . .
M Bryan.png
7 Mind-Blowing Future Trends You Must Know!
Have you ever wished you could see into the future? Wouldn't it be cool to proactively prepare for the trends and innovations that radically impact your career, organization, and life? Most of us cuss echo chambers, why some leaders resist or deny these critical insights, and, most important, how you can learn to leverage the skill of strategic foresight . . .
A Herron_TDW.png
Can I Bring My Authentic Self to The Office? Why Belonging Is The Future of Work
Can I bring my authentic self to work? How should we handle mental health at work? How do companies meet increasing expectations for greater connection and belonging at work? What’s clear is that an increasing number of employees are tired of “hiding in plain sight.” Andrea Herron intimately understands these workplace culture disruptions because she has lived and led through them simultaneously. In this revealing . . .
Who Am I Now? Reimagining Professional Identity In The Future Of Work
Dr. Sarabeth Berk is the leading expert in hybrid professional identity and workplace hybridity. She is a dynamic Creative Disruptor who integrates her roles as an artist, researcher, educator, and designer. With this multifaceted background, she pioneers innovative strategies that transform individuals' perceptions of their careers and empowers them to effectively communicate their distinctive value to employers and clients. Not only is Sarabeth the author of the enlightening book "More Than My Title," but she has also captivated audiences as a TEDx speaker . . .
2023_TDW Speakers.png
Uncover Your Hidden Creative Potential
You know you have more creativity inside of you! In fact, creativity is one of the most important human skills we possess to create the Future of Work–especially in the Age of AI. From problem-solving to innovation to personal reinvention, creativity is key to unlocking fresh perspectives and generating new ideas. Despite academia, corporations, and boardrooms neglecting creativity, there is a reservoir of creativity in all of us, and we can tap into this powerful skill . . .
Will You Get FIRED UsingChatGPT for Work?
Everyone’s using Generative AI nowadays but will you get FIRED for using ChatGPT or Generative AI for Work?? According to a recent Fishbowl survey 40% of workers report using Generative AI and nearly 70% aren’t telling their leaders! As professionals, leaders and organizations race to unlock the power of this technology we present 6 key points to help you avoid potential termination for using Generative AI for work.  Join us for this sharp and entertaining conversation.
How Deepfake AI Disrupts Work, Truth And What's Real
Welcome to the AI Era, widespread synthetic media, and the beginning of reality blurred. Have you noticed the increase in images, videos, and voices that aren’t real–but look and sound real? Fake content, also known as deepfakes, is exploding! With the advancement of Generative AI tools and deepfake apps, creating fake media has never been easier and is “increasing at an estimated annual rate of 900%.” Join us to unpack the world of deepfakes, where we share shocking . . .
Tom Rossi.png
Beyond Profit: Employees Are Not Objects To Be Consumed
What does it take to build a purpose-driven business that prioritizes people over profit? Tom Rossi is a passionate human-centered leader and co-founder of Higher Pixels. He and his fellow co-founders are driven by a deep purpose to make life better for human beings through software products. One of those products is Buzzsprout–the world's largest premium podcast hosting company–which helps anyone share their voice and give their gifts to the world. What a fantastic way to help people exit loneliness, find their tribe . . .
The Vanishing Act: Why 7.2 Million Men Disappeared From The Workforce
Despite the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years (3.5%), data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau highlight, alarmingly, that more than 7 million men of prime working age (25-54 years old) are not working or looking for work. Why are so many men opting out of the job market, and what might get them back? To explore this question and, more broadly, what drives men, we sought out Dan Doty. Dan has dedicated his life to men's work and helping men . . .
Super Crucial Human Skills For A Digital World
In the age of AI Everywhere, there’s a growing conversation about Crucial Human Skills at work. But how do you actually harness them?  We dove deep with Cheryl Cran, a top authority on this topic, and The Future of Work. Cheryl has spent decades teaching her clients how to become better leaders by becoming better humans. This conversation is a masterclass in understanding how human-centered leaders and organizations elevate from baseline communication to conscious communication, the dangers of . . .
The Art Of Letting Go: A Human-Centered Approach To Layoffs
What does it feel like to be laid off? What if you and your significant other were laid off the same year? In this TDW Trends episode, we take a deeper look at layoffs. We start with the landscape and stats, but then we drop in, and Nate shares how he and his wife were laid off within months of each other. It was a shock to their lives, identities, and bank account. The trend of layoffs will continue, but here’s the question: Is it possible to make layoffs more thoughtful .  .  .
2023_TDW Speakers.png
Building A Winning Team With AI: The Future Of Talent Management
Alexandra Levit is the founder and CEO of Inspiration at Work, a woman-owned futurist consulting business with the goal of preparing organizations and their employees to be competitive and marketable in the future business world. A nationally syndicated columnist for the Wall Street Journal who currently anchors The Workplace Report, Alexandra has authored several books, including the bestsellers They Don’t Teach Corporate in .  .  .
tb TDW.png
Leaving Google, A Poet Discovers "Keys" To Innovation
A Poet? At Stanford? At Google? Using ancient poetic tools to unlock breakthrough innovation for top leaders and organizations? Tucker Bryant lives comfortably in a world of paradox: High-achieving yet humble. Powerfully self-aware, yet authentically flawed. Holding a “golden ticket” for success yet risking it all to think, act and create differently. –  Join us for an inspiring conversation about Tucker’s journey to self-discovery and his creation of “The Poet’s Keys” - a powerful way to . . . 
KDoll TDW.png
Mental Health And The Power Of Psychological Fitness At Work
Join us with Karen Doll to unpack the red-hot trends of mental health in the workplace! We dissect current research indicating 50-80% of US workers are experiencing work-related negative mental health conditions. Discover how to build psychological fitness and explore how the conversation surrounding mental health has shifted away from stigma into self-care. Other key concepts include resources supporting mental health, the ability to look at mental health on a spectrum of symptoms (green to red)...
Leading With Love — A Human-Centered CEO's Journey
Robert Mulhall is a radically different type of CEO. If you're curious about human-centered leadership, purposeful living, and using the word LOVE at work, then you will love Robert's message! Joining the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health as a consultant, Robert quickly rose through the ranks and assumed the CEO role during the pandemic. Kripalu's future was deeply uncertain as it shuttered its doors and lost more than 96% of its revenue. Today, Kripalu's business and mission...
Find out why we are more adaptable than you think and the critical importance of identity in the Future of Work. We also discuss why HR is the new MVP of the corporation, the pace of technological disruption to jobs, and why more leaders must learn to say, "I don't know." Take it a step further, explore the evolving needs of Gen Z and how traditional workforces fail to reflect diversity. We even dive into Elon Musk's carnage at Twitter!)...
The Art Of Human-Centered Leadership
20% Of The Workforce Is Neurodiverse, And Many Don’t Know It 
What if your perceived weakness was your superpower? What if what makes you different was a gift in the Future of work? Giselle Mota is living proof of this transformation and a vital leader for neurodiversity, disability, and inclusion in the digital world. 20% of the US workforce is neurodivergent, which matters now more than ever for talent and product development. In a tightening labor market, leaders and organizations are expanding into overlooked talent pools and...
Women Quit To Rise In The Solopreneur Economy
Women leaders are quitting at the highest rate recorded since 2015! You might think this was sparked by the pandemic, the great resignation, or fueled by changing values in the workplace. But Erin reminds us this isn’t a new trend — in fact, this is the insight that caused her to start her successful business, The UPSIDE, back in 2017. The reality is more leaders and professionals are looking outside of the traditional corporation for more flexibility, increased well-being...
Own Your Future With A Future Of Work Mindset!
Work and the global talent market is changing faster than at any point in human history–and it’s only getting faster. It’s not just skills that are being disrupted, but our sense of identity. People associate what we DO with who we ARE. The truth is the Future of Work is challenging many of our beliefs, habits, and assumptions. Join us to understand the bigger picture of what is happening now and why a new mindset is foundational to success.
Is Your Job Impacting Your Health And Well-Being?
If you have ever wondered if work impacts your health, this episode is for you! For decades work and well-being have been separated, and employees haven’t felt safe talking about what is really going on. At the same time, HR teams and leaders haven’t had the tools to measure the intersectional and compounding impact of workplace stressors. Until now! Brad explains why the current model of work is broken and why the future of work is... 
6 Trends That Will Define Your Career & Future
TDW TRENDS! Waves of disruption continue to wash over the workforce, and it's a strange brew out there. In this episode, we reflect on how the workforce has changed over the last 2.5 years and share our thoughts about how the workforce will continue to evolve. We illuminate how the career has permanently changed (a special shoutout to Marianne Ruggiero @ Optima Careers) and where things stand for the job market. Finally, we distill all the macro disruptions...
Mastering Empathy: Your Superpower That AI Can't Match
Sherry passionately takes us on a powerful tour of empathy; a superpower in this digital age. This heart-centered conversation includes the Four Empathy Rules most individuals and organizations are only getting half right, why messy empathy is good and efficient empathy is a hoax, why we can't outsource empathy to robots, and why the Metaverse is off course. Finally, we discuss the importance of engaging in work that is "lit from within".
50% of Americans Don't Believe A Good Job Is Within Reach
Kate Coleman and Stephen Goldsmith join TDW to discuss their eye opening new book Growing Fairly: How to Build Opportunity and Equity in Workforce Development. A book they spent two years traversing the country pre and post pandemic to write! Their refreshing approach proposes the immediate need for a holistic, regional, and bipartisan effort to...
Your Next Colleague Might be a Robot...
Nate and Alex discuss the rapid expansion of physical robots at work and home – innovative new features, abilities, and how they’ll impact us. For decades we have marveled at the idea of helpful robots in movies and TV shows. Today they are becoming our new colleagues and companions. Join us in exploring how robots are disrupting the workforce...
Saying "I Love You" to a Chatbot, the Metaverse, and Toxic Business Models
Tristan joined TDW to discuss how to utilize attention as a superpower The conversation also explored the rise of virtualized love and friendship, porn, and how Web3 has the potential to change the game by focusing on intention vs. attention while incentivizing the community to improve humanity, society, and democracy.
Heart-Centered Leadership and The Return of Nightlife!
Hospitality was one of the hardest-hit industries in 2020 and is still battling to recover in 2021. Pavan gives us an intimate look into what service, innovation, and heart-centered leadership looked like for this amazing brand...
The Great Resignation Decoded —
15 Reasons People Are Quitting
The "WHY" behind the greatest job migration in American history. Join us as we go behind the data to understand why more Americans than ever have quit or changed jobs since April of last year. Plus, one compelling reason stay and how to make this decision matter.
The lives of high school and college students have been turned upside down for over a year, 192 countries shuttered schools and education is being rapidly disrupted by technology. It has been painful for students, teachers, administrators, and parents...
Are the Kids OK?
Whether we realize it or not, we’re practicing rituals every day—for some of us, it’s a few quiet moments of prayer and meditation before the noise of the day intrudes. When thoughtfully curated, rituals foster a sense of belonging, psychological safety, purpose, and increased performance, both in the home or the workplace. 
Rituals in Life and Work | Meaning, Belonging, and Purpose
Conflict Equals Energy
Upgraded communication through Authentic Relating is a superpower - especially in the digital age. Authentic honest communication is bound to create some degree of conflict, which many  of us have been taught to avoid. But conflict can actually be positive. The genuine, thoughtful sharing of ideas create sparks of energy that can power an entire team. Join us as we explore Authentic Relating, a transformational practice to build deeper and more meaningful connections.
The future of work was already changing very rapidly before the pandemic, and now it’s a virtual tsunami of change. The solution: get on your surfboard and ride that wave, however harrowing that ride may be! The future of work will continue to change in ways we could only imagine a few years ago, and our ability to be flexible and adaptable will determine our success in the coming years. 
The Future of Work is Like Surfing!
The Power of Mindset and Resilience
In this episode, we’ll share how to use the skills of a positive mindset and resilience to succeed where others stumble during these challenging, sometimes traumatic times. We’ll go beyond bumper sticker philosophies to dig deeper into the best practices that have helped us and many others through the toughest moments of our lives.
 In this exciting episode, we dive into the realities of the job market, gain expert insights from our guest Camille Fetter, founder and CEO of the Chicago based executive search firm Talentfoot, and provide a detailed listing...
The Inside Scoop on the Job Market: A CEO Perspective
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The TDW podcast examines how disruptions such as the pandemic, AI, and emerging technologies are reimagining work, skills, and purpose in 2021 and beyond. Get in on the conversation.
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