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We live in the most disrupted and digital workforce in human history.

You can't out-hustle AI, but you can adapt, leverage your human superpowers, and win in the AI Era.


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EP 052

Hustle Culture vs. Leadership Burnout: Discover Ultimate Business Hack With Alex Raymond

Hustle culture is huge among business leaders and entrepreneurs, often leading to them feeling unfulfilled, disenchanted with their work, and overwhelmed.


But what if you could grow your business and succeed without sacrificing yourself? There’s a catch, though. It takes a next-level commitment to yourself and an inward journey to do the deep healing work.


Enter the concept of conscious entrepreneurship with this episode’s guest, Alex Raymond.


He’s the founder and CEO of Kapta, a software company for post-sales account management professionals, and a graduate of the exclusive TechStars accelerator program. But besides being a business leader, Alex is also a mentor and the mind behind The Conscious Entrepreneur Summit, a platform where he shares how to scale your business without driving yourself to burnout.


Alex believes that if you're going to achieve your true business potential, you have to do the deep work, and that’s exactly what he’s here to discuss with us today on The Disrupted Workforce.


To start off, Alex shares how personal development is becoming is indispensable for any leader who wants to thrive in today’s fast-paced business environment. He challenges the traditional programming we have that prioritize financial metrics and operational efficiency over personal well-being, advocating for a more balanced approach.


We also touch on the importance of identifying limiting beliefs, how to recognize the signs that you need to do some inner work, advice for startup founders and business leaders, authentic personal branding, and an exclusive invitation to The Conscious Entrepreneur Summit.


Ready to challenge the common notion of success? Tune in.

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Alex Raymond
EP 052
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Empower humans and organizations with the skills, knowledge and attributes to thrive in a world where technology and machines do nearly everything.

The Disrupted Workforce was founded to teach the skills of tomorrow, today.

No matter how hard you hustle you can’t outpace an algorithm. We believe human soft skills (e.g. leadership, empathy, decision making, creativity) and a growth mindset fueled by a passion for lifelong learning are critical differentiators in the age of artificial intelligence, emerging technology and automation. 



You know you have more creativity inside of you! In fact, creativity is one of the most important human skills we possess to create the Future Of Work — especially in the Age Of AI. From problem . . .


Everyone is using Generative AI nowadays but will you get FIRED for using ChatGPT or Generative AI for work? According to a recent Fishbowl survey 40% of workers report using Generative AI and nearly . . .

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