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We live in the most disrupted and digital workforce in human history.

You can't out-hustle AI, but you can adapt, leverage your human superpowers, and win in the AI Era.


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Why Patrick Lencioni Believes Human Interaction in the Office is Still Crucial in 2024 & Beyond

Has your team lost its spark working remotely? As our modern workforce becomes increasingly reliant on remote setups, we’re also witnessing the pitfalls of reducing human interaction and its impact on organizational health.


The human touch is vital for fueling creativity and collaboration, and to champion office presence along with a better comprehension of individual strengths is our distinguished guest — Patrick Lencioni.

Patrick is one of the founders of The Table Group and a best-selling author of 13 books, including the latest, “The 6 Types of Working Genius.” His books have been translated into 30 languages, with over 8 million copies sold worldwide, and he’s one of the most in-demand speakers in America. With nearly 200,000 LinkedIn followers and three successful podcasts, Patrick is here to share his unparalleled expertise in leadership, teamwork, and organizational health.


In this episode, Patrick exposes the critical need for physical presence in the workplace, making the case that remote work, while effective in many ways, can't replace the value of human connection. He also introduces his groundbreaking “6 Types of Working Genius” framework, which helps leaders and professionals identify their innate strengths and weaknesses, leading to greater work satisfaction and productivity.


From the origins of the Working Genius assessment to how we can leverage our individual talents to prevent burnout, this episode is a must-listen for leaders seeking to optimize their workplace performance. We also touch on the role of AI in the workplace, organizational health, the importance of informal interactions, and real-life examples of the Working Genius at play.


Tune in to learn how to help your organization and team members thrive in today's disrupted workforce.

Listen to the latest podcast.
Patrick Lencioni
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Empower humans and organizations with the skills, knowledge and attributes to thrive in a world where technology and machines do nearly everything.

The Disrupted Workforce was founded to teach the skills of tomorrow, today.

No matter how hard you hustle you can’t outpace an algorithm. We believe human soft skills (e.g. leadership, empathy, decision making, creativity) and a growth mindset fueled by a passion for lifelong learning are critical differentiators in the age of artificial intelligence, emerging technology and automation. 



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